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[ appearance; ]
>>name: AJ or Malakai
>>age: 19
>>gender: churro
>>sexual orientation: I don't really even have one of those anymore. Fuck labels. 
>>height: 5'8?? something along those lines
>>hair colour: naturally dirty blonde, dyed black.
>>favourite feature: My hips. They pretty sharp. 

[ home life; ]
>>parents' marital status?: Married
>>state/area you live in: Sedona Arizona
>>what does your room look like?: Bitchin as fuck thanks to Sparx and all her pretty lights. 
>>favourite food: Cheese. Literally anything that consists of cheese. I'm going to die of a heart attack. 
>>when do you usually go to sleep?: Usually fade around 2:00am
>>when do you usually wake up?: 11:00am 

[ right now…; ]
>>listening to: Anti flag
>>eating: Nothin
>>wearing: PJ pants, "Brand New" shirt, and Green Day hoodie
>>talking to: Sparx and Corrie
>>feeling: Hyper as fuck
>>happy about?: Sparx moving herrreee 
>>sad about?: More worried, finances n shit. 

[ favourite…?; ]
>>song: Right now it's Victorious by Panic! at the Disco. But generally, my favorite song is a tie between "Yellow brick road" by Elton John and "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. Loved those two songs since I could remember. 
>>person: I have a few favorite people haha
>>member of your family: Don't make me choose that. ;^; Closest to my mom though. 
>>animal: Wolves, Rats and Kangaroos
>>thing to wear: My collar I guess?
>>day of the week: Don't have one lol
>>thing to do: Drive or walk around aimlessly with Sparx
>>drink: Beer
>>thing about yourself: Idk, I guess my personality?
>>thing to talk about: Anything that interests me I guess lol

[ love life; ]
>>single or taken?: Taken, I know "THAT WAS QUICK" but I'm happy so I don't give a fuck
>>crushing currently?: Yeahson
>>longest crush you've ever had?: 3 years
>>first kiss?: Nadine
>>last person you kissed?: Sparx
>>describe your crush: Too good to be real. I literally feel like I've hallucinated our whole friendship and now relationship.
>>does your crush know you like them (if applicable): We're together so I should hope so xD

[ have you ever…?; ]
>>bungee jumped: Noooo way 
>>gone skinny dipping: YES
>>smoked: A few things
>>drank: Bout once a week or less now. Go me~
>>done drugs: Most, once or twice. Just for the experience, definitely not a habit. 
>>self harmed: Yeah but not anymore lol fuck that
>>cried of joy: Yess
>>been to the beach: I'm from San Diego yooooo of course
>>skipped school: A lot. I kinda regret it.
>>been suspended or expelled: No surprisingly 
>>been on TV: I think so once, I dont remember lol 
>>made someone cry: Yeah too many times. 
>>fallen in love: Yeah

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